About Stackfish

Jimmy and Brian are fishing enthusiast who wanted to share their passion with other like-minded fishermen. The problem was, they couldn't find friendly websites that encouraged their passion, offered constructive advice and maybe even taught them a thing or two. So they developed a website that combined their passion for fishing with family-friendly values. Jimmy and Brian created Stackfish with Attitude! What is the Stackfish Attitude?  

Stackfish Believes: 

  • A fishermans exact catch location is personal information that should never be publicly shared or sold. 
  • Every catch from a trophy striped bass to a little girl's bluegill is a story worth sharing.
  • Fishermen come in all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and genders.
  • Fishing is a family-friendly activity.
  • Kids need more fishing and less computer games. 
  • Talking to other fishermen or reading about fishing is the best way to become a better fisherman.
  • Traditional fishing data such as tides, moon phases, and water temperature, when properly interpreted, can improve fishing results.
  • Giving back to the Stackfish Community with contests and wholesale American made apparel.

Stackfish Supports:

  • The American tradition of catch and sustainable harvest.
  • Protecting recreational fishing from corporate greed.
  • Public input into government fisheries management.
  • Supporting American industry by only selling products Made in the USA.

So if you share our Stackfish Attitude, join our community to make new fishing buddies and share your fishing stories with the world. You'll be rewarded by knowing that you're helping support recreational fishing now and in the future. You'll also receive 15-25% discounts every day on our proudly Made in the USA gear. Stackfish: For Fishermen, by Fishermen.